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On October 15, , a homemade helium-filled gas balloon shaped to resemble a silver flying saucer was released into the...

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We can show you hot wives having sex with group of guys right in front of their loser husbands. Retrieved December 1, This is the latest accepted revision , reviewed on 17 November Check out sex videos where a curvy wife fucks her husband in the kitchen after he comes home from work or gives him a blowjob while he watches football.

Richard Heene, who can be seen kicking the wood frame that supported the balloon, yelled amidst a myriad of obscene words, "You didn't put the fucking tether down! The New York Times.

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Did They Blow the Story? National Guard helicopters and local police pursued the balloon. After the incident, several news agencies began questioning whether it was a hoax. Check out sex videos where a curvy wife fucks her husband in the kitchen after he comes home from work or gives him a blowjob while he watches football. Alderden said the base of the balloon could have handled 37 pounds without breaking, but to get airborne with those 37 pounds inside it would have to have been attached to a more powerful balloon.

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