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Welcome to the all star academy where you can find more than willing nymphos all competing to be the most...

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Zabrina 1 10 Private pornstar. Welcome to the all star academy where you can find more than willing nymphos all competing to be the most hardcore, the most daring dick hungry divas in the business. What they bring back is legendary and worth every penny. Enjoy 50 years of porn, from the sexual revolution of the 60s to the sophisticated lust of the 90s, plus the blockbuster series that made Private movies the most sought-after material of legions of men for decades, from the videotape era to the dvd days.

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Annika Funke: Yes we are very active sexually, Sex is more important to us than many things. in North America you work to make money to buy things and we work to make money to enjoy life.

Lil Nis: Another great funny video thank you for post and please keep them coming!

Arose F: These kind of videos are so fake

Alisa Navaz: Ian is so adorable

XLector: This is so true! Haha they talk a lot and they are sweet talker.

Trang Vu: I disagree with the romantic part. I found Russian men really lack in that department compared to other cultures. But the hot-headed and jealous thing is definitely on point.

BluePosiedon1: I am goin out with an english women any tips guys

Alexia Pane: I. can't. Stop. Cringing. HELP!

Sara Santos: I'm not sure about the politics thing.

Harley Keen: My gosh that is a beautiful white Russian woman. It never seizes to amaze me how beautiful Northern European women can be and it makes me so sad that African and non-white immigration and interracial relationships will drive them to extinction. Imagine going to Russia in the year 2150 and not seeing any women who look like this one. Instead, all you see are mixed brown women with flat noses and Afros.

Aliyae Marley: I'm Brazilian and couldn't guess the Brazilian Portuguese speech. I had to double check the video to figure this one out. So it looks she's not Brazilian. just my wild guess.or not so much

David Carter: My bf is from Trinidad (but he grew up here in the US and he calls flip-flops slippers. Slippers apparently are any house shoes. And I swear I see flames in his eyes if I take more than three steps into the front hall without taking off my shoes haha.

ELENA K.: I loved his reaction on trying Indian food.haha

Kevin L: You should take someone from Marseille xDDD

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Pornstars A To Z

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Pictures of his ex on Facebook?

Guys only: Would you date your ex's very close friend?

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