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Terrie Tonka: Of course the Paris guy is a negro lmao

Lovely Emma: I have a hypothesis that explains this idea of brazilians sounding more confident: we say the vowels more clearly, while portuguese tend to swallow them, in a way. it's like their accent rushes through the vowels, just as a very shy person does when talking to a crush hahaha so maybe that's why they sounded less confident to the foreign listeners.

Naomi Ruzza: Is it true that the Danes are the tallest people in Europe?

OfelieArt: You Know You Are Dating CANADIAN Woman When.

ThePtownPlaya: A girl with a Scottish accent sounds so sexy

Angelica D.M: German woman is then for me. They mirror me.

John Gsteen: It's a good channel but you're just I don't know, quite annoying.

FoczkaMajkula: Wtf you mean turn off no girl cares here about politics shit

Aishoo 1234: How can you baulk at the spiciness of something and then posit that it originates in the US or Canada? smh

Artful Dodger: Ahaha really cool video, I've dated some Russian men and I must say it's hard to go back to Europeans after that, so gentlman and so manly at the same time, Russia is a goldmine.

Sergio PГ©rez: I heard that its more likely to get into drugs in montreal,i heard theres alot of drug activity there.

River_song: Jinho is adorable omg my hearteu

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Vintage Teens Satisfaction

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