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Nuna Melis: Jup this is so true

Ohhh EM: Katya Kalashnikova is the most beautiful women to come out of Russia

Angelina M: This is what I would have become if I grew up in China. Thank God I moved to Australia when I was

Frank Ho: Play 23 on repeat 20 times i swear you'll laugh

Kamal Kishore: Haha I couldn't click fast enough when I saw the man on the thumbnail


Bisex Babe Feet Spunked

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Desmond Miles: Any tips on dating Portuguese women?

Ahmed Khamis: I'm from Germany by the way

Lee Enfield: An eastern european fetish costs ten times more than an asian fetish for white men. No wonder white men can't afford eastern european women in Vancouver. The rent and living expenses are through the roof.

Matteo S.: Do ''You Know You are Dating a VENEZUELAN Woman When. please

WatchOut197: Omg i love Yuta's videos and his channel

Nora AlMeida: Hahahah XD she said young and innocent, hasn't been tainted hahaha you cant tell if someones a decent person just by looks alone your crazy XD people need to learn to judge people by their actions. Man this video is hilarious

ThatGuyYayo: He forgot the salt.

Stella Calisi: Her nose looks like a dick. She should be nicknamed Dick Nose.

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  1. I am a feminist because EQUALITY does not exist in this world, and I so badly want equality and respect.

  2. Always good to learn something new. I think Lacy made a video about asexuality a while ago where she talks about that as well.

  3. Geee, i never in my life thought, that i will give Laci thumb up. Oh is my very first thumb up for you Laci.

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