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I am very of consequence I was shrieking in fear of those two falling on me! They were playing with a stupid ball and the sand was bouncing open their mammoth bodies and the BO and I was so scared a man might fall on me and man! A fat bewhiskered man in a speedo is a deadly weapon. You know what else is inside that fat hanging exposed to the speedo belly!

If there were doing this in Maui like I heard It is a very spine-chilling weapon. For some of us, it is enough to make us pun. We could in truth start to up and choke to death on it.

Fat Hairy Man In Speedo
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Maartje M: You have heard people of Europe saying good things about the 'always smiling, everything is awesome thing going on in the USA? Everybody I talked to hated it! I mean it is so rude not being honest with yourself and the people you meet. If you ask someone how he is doing are you really interested in America or is it just for the fact that you wanna start a conversation?

Stallya: How french people didn't get fat from eating cheese a lot ? i adore cheese but i can't eat it except at my cheating meal/day ! or just eating halloumi white cheese :(

Kim Wold: Lol, isn't flaking and putting up a fake face exactly what American women do to their men?

Sharon Regina: According to this video dating a Danish girl doesn't look like much fun. Looks like she'll just ignore, you be rude to you and then maybe invite you home if she get's drunk enough!

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Tatiana Cruz: Bro british dude is gonna get fought. do you listen to yourself talk with an accent when you jerk off or something?

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Pikachuu Gzee: Chinese woman pleasee

DiCianno: You know, you've dated a Russian woman when. you are IN her! But if you are in her after 1st date, she is not a woman, she is a whore. that's is strange Russian soul, now you know everythink!

LUCAS L.: This video is funny but it would have been more compelling if the guy acted like he was even slightly interested in the girl. Every scene looked like he was forced to be there which took a lot of the intended humor out.

Chase Svetlik: Moro nos Eua mas quero morar no Brasil!

Snow_ Tae_: I only saw truths!

BubelaJC: To sum up, the girls are all over the internet trying their best not to marry a russian guy but act all bitchy princess shit? bad strategy.

Amandy Pandy: Russian is too much recognizable

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Rebecca Cunha: They remind me of Ygritte from Got

Martin Keith: I laugh so hard on how they read my Indonesian language. we don't read C as K. LOL. it's kinda cute how they pronounce it.

Jay A M: Omg! 2is definitely me! I always drives my husband nuts when I do that lol

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  1. dtroler My dad lost his viginity at 31 to my mom. There goes your logic process.

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