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Hannah G-K: You have to do how it is to date a Afrikaans man!

Pablo Aguila: So true! I'm from Czech but living in Belgium :)

Pinco Pallino: Ian from Taiwan is a cheap bastard

Touka Ahr: The Withcer necklace, we have a nerd over here xD

Phoenix Video: Most Messicans don't look like that. Usually short, round and brown

Stellalpina: Please answer me.

Ryan Keeling: Hehehehe~! Would love to see one about Franco-Canadienne women! ;D Even more funnies will come of this.

Cassie Marie: The french casse couille ouais

Antibolter: Liverpool ones the best woooo


Loubna NJ: Yeah, I can only imagine how a traditional japanese man/woman would behave when dating any latino person. They are like, complete OPPOSITES in termos of behaving and showing affection, hahah. So it was very clever of you to choose a Mexican girl for this one.

Nufclad Ftw: This is satire right?

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Gay Anal Domination

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