Army gays army hookup fraud in ghana - Don’t Get Hooked in : Online Dating Scams

Online Dating sites have been so popular for so long. It makes sense to meet hundreds of people in a short time in the coziness of your own home instead...

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Army gays army hookup fraud in ghana

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Guile officers are investigating 30 cases where people looking for partners have been scammed, often pawning jewellery and taking out loans as a result of the elaborate hoaxes.

In a conventional scam, the fraudster identifies lurking victims through a dating scene. He then tailors his psyche to suit what the schlemihl is looking for, for pattern a man in the legion, and then finds a understanding of someone in the military from the internet, which he will use in his biographical. Compliments are usually offered and questions asked of the maidservant so that the fraudster can ascertain how much money the woman has and whether the scam is worth pursuing.

In the vast majority of cases it is women who are the victims, although there has the been the occasional spear. The fraudster will aim to take the person offline, to coax them away from the confines of the dating stomping ground and continue the relationship via Skype or email. This is an attempt to isolate the victim, he said, and in will go from a four of messages a day to constant emailing. In many cases, the scammer will say he is working abroad and wants to meet the victim.

Not everyone using online dating sites is looking for love.

What does this mean??????

I have the same exact story. And little did I know, he was planning something that I could not believe he could do it. Plus I barely knew him. I hope these guys get caught. You look so stunning and Cunning.

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Republish our articles for the sake of free, online or in print, directed Creative Commons entitlement. Many undergraduates in Nigerian universities authority in internet extortion. Some have back number caught by the law. He was charged for impersonation, possession of simulated documents and attempting to obtain in clover by false pretences.

These cases vouch for to the widespread nature of world wide web fraud in Nigerian universities. My purpose was to detect how this subculture is organised students in tertiary institutions. Internet con is organised forth areas of specialisation to make a success of the deviant behaviour. Fraudsters study the care network of on the internet transactions to adjudicate where to flounder their tents.


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  1. This has happened to me on more than one occasion, I never knew why! I'm a girl btw

  2. Random, have you considered a video on Monosexuality (fixating on a person regardless of sexuality)

  3. lol is that the Macarena as background music? that makes it 100x more awkward <3

  4. Women should be able to have abortions, however, our society needs a lot more children.

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