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Wild Pettings Of Bound Dude

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Haifa Khalid: Also, there's a superficial angle here. It's as if, they're showing to people that they're not motivated by money or good looks. As a guy, I'm ok with it. It's natural. That's what women naturally like. Just like men love good looks and a sweet attitude, a good mind and warm heart. That was kind of jarring. Anyway. This's way too much 'expertise for a youtube video.

VivaVica: Man, they are always sooooooooooooooooo hot!

Ana Costa: But then again, I'm Aussie. My accent can be picked off from a mile away.

Ceren Bienien: Forgot to mention theyre all loud, I know because my entire family consists of italians

May04bwu: Mmmmm naw this is kinda off

EricTGK: Vegan cheese, really ? It's anything but cheese.

Leos Face: This video is dumb and unfunny. Most of the stereotypes it reproduces are mean and sexist (like they play hard to get, they like to gossip and they are drama queens). The only bit that is true is the loudness at the dinner table, but even that was poorly executed in the video.

Sway Lee: I'm only in 8th grade right now so I'm not really into girls at the moment.

Iberiano1981: A nice girl from Mexico will never date a guy with tattoos.

Trey Deal: So essentially have a good smile and look overall nice, well put together but at the same time have enough edge to get the job done. Well, I'm fucked.

Ghe Ugly: No one in China would think that girl is pretty.

IiTHXiI: I love Filipinos. They're such lovely people. My bestie is Filipina

Ravi Waghela: I am from Colombia u are from Russia and YOU are cold? Wtf?

Brka Brkica: I need a Czech woman in my life

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