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Translation of work in progress for Spanish Speakers. What made you want to look up work in progress? Please tell us where...

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F irstly, it is so difficult to get this book. It is either sold out or not there. So, if you ever find this book, buy it, considering the struggle for the rest of us. It was not until my birthday that a kind soul gifted me his book this September, so I am just reading it. Naturally when I was presented with this book I was on top of the world.

But I would say this book was worth the wait. I have been watching Connor Franta grow on Youtube for quite a while now. Personally, I am a huge Fangirl, hence when I realised that he was publishing a book more precisely a memoir I was on cloud nine.

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A Work In Progess

If you follow Connor Franta on YouTube or Twitter, you are already aware of how he is such an inspiration! Because it's written by Connor: Plus, I love love love memoirs. Overall, this memoir was fine but nothing amazingly special. At first it was funny for me that a 22 year old was writing a memoir; my first impression was that people normally write a memoir after years of experience, when they want to contribute something to this world.

Something else I really liked was the lack of, "I started making youtube video because of x.

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A Work in Progress is an American memoir written by YouTuber and entrepreneur Connor Franta. It was published in April by Atria/Keywords Press. A Work...