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Why choose this course: A tailored program based on individual lessons. For those who are looking for a course designed specifically according to each individual's own professional or...

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Riggs, Jaz, Oakley and Kimber. Please type your full name. Some teams are held back because other teams are not progressing quickly enough to move everyone along.

In my opinion, if you are not interested in competing, it is not necessary to find an instructor who is an active competitor in the world of dog sports. Passionately provocative, she does not ignore the effect she has on men. A young puppy's need to interact with other dogs may lead the owner to group lessons, while an older dog's behavior due to a lack of previous training may require private lessons. Interested in our courses? How to Carve, Part II.

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Private Lessons Part 1

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Private Lessons II (part 5) - Online hookups

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  • Private language lessons: Learn quick and efficiently
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