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Hizkia Hansel: Huevos divorciados? lmfao what are those?

Eldmira: Do Swedes actually have an accent at all? I guess they have pure english. It is even better that british imho

Girldairy: Please do one with ''When you're dating a FRENCH woman''

Jay Ari: Mexico great videos keep up the good work

Bbaloo05: Everything is True . From Greece ;)

Biffson Jr: If I were a girl I wouldn't even pay attention to a guy that talk or date as you say with other girls . Canadian girls don't care ?

Mykimikimiky: But everything on the video about the german woman rings truth to me. Could this be a part of my cultural heritage?

Katy Macros: I got them all except Greek and Pokemon. My Greek friends would not be proud, and my Pokemon are now on strike. Thanks Dating Beyond Borders lol. Good video.

Scarface M: The starting to date, kissing and all that is more like . dating a Mexican. in Mexico lil towns

Zetraxes: LOL. This video was hilarious and insightful. Thanks!

Fred Vign: I am Australian

Caliente G&m: Dating a Colombian man

Karupt422: Cousin: And I did

Amelia Cobos: The Chinese and Japanese I got correct because I love anything having to do with Oriental languages.

Lucas Oficial: You should do a chicano man and woman

Tim Lane: LOVE Brazilian culture so much

David Wu: Another blonde with a jewish male date.

Sriya Coomer: I'd rather have the Danish female.

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