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Mostupdate: I wanted to see if the videos about other country's people were exaggerated or real. Because they seemed so funny and exaggerated. Then I found this one (I'm Turkish). This one is also funny but I can't believe how true this is. I've never realized how weird it is to have 3 rings and other stuff :D

Mrs Valo: What about weapons airplanes and Orthodox Church?

Spasa A: Looks like she got her a jewish date.

O Slack: U forgot swag tho

Lydia Scream: Although we broked up.

Suspian: Se llaman gatos

PAmE Vf: Croatian and Polish. For me. Both of them are kind of my ancestors. I have my Balkan's blood in myself. This means you should never have an argument with me. The gates of the hell open up.

Gran Turismo: Can you do one for Northern English men please ?

Francis Kuntz: I love these new series .

La Ditta: CHILE! You didn't put chile on the video! Why?

TheCrazyFinn: The blond bearded guy is obviously so gay, he might as well invented it (and improved on).

Marlon Freiha: Loved all the comedic moments

Marga Sbp: Brasil for sure!

Sn0wm4n94: I'm dating an Indian and I can't relate to the video! He's nothing like this.

Grethan Lane: Oh I thought Slovak language wouldn't be there but I'm still a bit sad about it haha.

Andra Toma: The guy is so creepy

Graf Koks: God the guy was annoying.

Crippling Jim: Nigeria, Belgium and RUSSIAA!

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Gay Male Tube Videos

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